Summer Escape

With summer just around the corner, this season’s trends are all about sunny, exotic places and tranquil beach getaways. Ranging from tropical animal prints to calm deep blue colours you really can feel like you’re on holiday in your own home!

Tropical Paradise

Tropical moodboard.jpg

Above is a moodboard that I have created to show how these bold prints and colours work together. To avoid your rooms looking too overwhelming in this style; here is a guide on how to make it work:

  • Colour

    This style is all about bold, bright colours, so sticking to tones found in nature will really help ensure everything works together; so think browns, greens and reds. Add a bold sofa for a dramatic effect such as this velvet teal green Grande 4 seater from John Lewis, or if you’re feeling safe, a bean bag such as this printed one from Next will instantly jazz up your interior (as shown on moodboard).

  • Pattern

    Pattern is another huge feature of this style; with natural forms such as palm leaves and hexagonal shapes. This is the style where mixing many different patterns works great, however don’t have patterns on everything or it’ll look mismatched and wont work together- so if you have a patterned rug and patterned wallpaper, go for a solid coloured sofa.

interior pattern
Lots of patterns? Stick with solid coloured furniture to avoid being overwhelmed
  • Accessories

    You can have fun with the accessories you choose for this style as it’s so unique, you can just go crazy! Take a look at this fun pineapple lamp from Next, this tropical cushion from AliExpress and this Macaw wall decor from Wayfair. These bold accessories will add interest and instantly brighten a space.

Have a play around with different patterns and colours and instantly revitalise your home.

Tranquil Beach

Beach moodboard

Here is another moodboard I have created to show this second style. The dark blues and natural tones are soothing and relaxing. This style is easy to achieve and a safe option if you’re afraid to use bold colours. This is how you can achieve this look:


Lighter wood such as pine and beech are the key for this style and contrast the deep blue colours beautifully. The colour of these woods match driftwood which is why it really adds that ‘beach feel’. Wicker furniture works great too as it adds that natural element, so have a play around!



Coordinating accessories in this style is very important. Keeping similar tones will ensure everything flows well. You can use natural elements such as shells or driftwood to add flair, or you can find nature inspired accessories like this pebble lamp from Next or this rope inspired cushion from Wayfair.


Finally, to keep a relaxed and calming feel, try not to have too much on display as its quite a minimalist style which focuses on form. Also, using lots of different textures will add interest and flow with the natural theme.
Whatever style you choose will brighten your home and bring the sun to you!

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you think of these current trends! Happy reading x



Shaping your mood this season

Geometric prints are popular everywhere at the moment; with so many unique shapes such as zigzags and grids, they add interest to your home and look really striking. Mix it up with colour, or stick to monochrome tones depending on your style.

Geo prints add fun to a space and liven it up. Add a colourful wallpaper and bold bedset to a bedroom to instantly bring it to life, or add some jazzy cushions and a graphic rug to your living room. The great thing about geometric shapes is that they’re everywhere – even in nature and probably won’t ever go out of style!


Black and white patterns

Monotone shades are really stylish at the moment; in fashion and in the home. The simplicity of black and white means more focus can be made on the shapes and patterns, so you can get really creative!

I’ve created a moodboard to show how well these colours work together and how different shapes can add interest. The simplicity of the lines is really stunning and creates the feeling of openness.

bandw geo
Lines and angles create a contemporary feel

Coloured patterns

With colour, a mix of different shapes and sizes can look busy, so I’d recommend adding pops of colour to plain items; such as graphic cushions on a plain sofa or bold wall- art on a white wall which will really bring the room to life. Remember to stick with certain shapes as a mix of too many may overwhelm a room.

Below I’ve created a moodboard to show different colours and the ways you can mix and match. Choose one of the colours from your main focal point and use this in the accessories around the room, for example, the light blue of your wallpaper, and use this in the cushions and the rug to bring everything together.

colour geo
Stick with similar shapes and colours to make sure your space doesn’t look too busy

Pastel tones and muted hues work perfectly for adding colour as you can get away with mixing more shades. Bright, bold colours can look too 60’s and 70’s if you use too many so you need to be careful (unless that’s what you’re going for!) Best way to see if it’ll work is to make a mood board and have a play with different textures, colours and designs.
I really like this trend and no matter if you have a retro or contemporary style, you can find ways to incorporate geometric designs.


Is geo your thing? Are you excited to see this trend is back? Let me know your thoughts 🙂 Happy decorating x

Very Berry

Colours for Autumn are already coming in, and they’re warm, cozy and will make you want to snuggle up!

The colours this Autumn will be berry focused; so think deep pinks, reds and plums. Here is a moodboard I created so you can get the idea.

Berry moodboard

For an extra cozy touch, add a berry scented candle; it’ll make you feel relaxed and will make your room smell lovely and welcoming! I know it’s still summer (still waiting in the UK?!), but it’s always good to prepare… before you grab your hot chocolate and hide under the covers! Have fun decorating! x

You’re making me blush!

This is one of my favourite posts to write about because this is my favourite colour; the soft, subtle beauty of rose quartz (blush pink)! It’s literally everywhere at the moment, especially in fashion and I’m not surprised – it’s so beautiful!
The rose quartz gemstone is known as the stone of love, and is thought to have properties of harmony, peace and healing. I find that this colour definitely creates peace and tranquillity to an interior, and is such a pretty colour which is why I’m not surprised that it is one of Pantone’s top colours of the year. It is such a perfect shade because it fits with everything, plus its calm and relaxing. Here are some tips on how to use this alluring colour.

Shades of grey

The use of grey and silver works so well with this colour that they look like they were designed together. The grey really enables the softness of the pink to stand out; creating a calm, muted feel which works perfectly for a bedroom or living area. These pictures below really illustrate how well these colours work together. Using the pink as more of an accent colour is preferred, with shades of grey being the main colour. (I will talk about this a bit later on!) Using larger items of grey enables the design of the room to really focus on the accent of the pink as shown below:

See how it really pops?! Also, by using white or cream in the design really helps soften the look and goes perfectly with grey and pink, however I feel that the grey will appeal to males more; I know a few men don’t really like the colour pink, so this really helps if you’re trying to keep the design fair; say you just bought your first place together as it really tones the pink down- unless you don’t really mind it!


Metallics are a really good way to make your interior feel more contemporary, giving it a bit of an edge. The perfect colour to use is rose gold or copper; the tones in these colours will fit perfectly with the tones in the pinks. The metal really adds contrast to the softness of the rest of the interior, which is why it works so well. Again, go with pops of metal as too much wouldn’t work well. These images below show how to use them in your room. The best way to do this is lights, a side table or some metallic accessories like vases or ornaments!

All about the accent

Rose quartz works perfectly as an accent colour, especially when surrounded with darker colours such as grey or purple, this is because it really helps the pink stand out. The perfect ideas for accents are items such as cushions, rugs, curtains, candles etc. if you’re feeling bold; a feature wall in either plain pink paint or patterned wallpaper will look amazing. Try not to go too over the top, or the harmony of the room won’t work as well as it’ll feel too similar; having the opposite effect of serenity and tranquillity! If you’re not too keen on grey, don’t worry; light browns and creams work just as well- it’s entirely your preference. You could even add tiny hints of black to bring it really up to date.


Soft and fluffy!

Natural tones and textures such as fluffy rugs and cushions really tie the look together and create that soft, serene feeling. Texture really adds interest to a space, so think about adding some cushions like these stunning rose cushions, or a fluffy rug to your floor! The natural tones will really help compliment the rose quartz tones and wont overpower it, making the whole look feel really soft.



I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope it gave you new ideas for decorating. Have a play around-if you’re apprehensive you could always start small with candles and cushions and see how you like it and go from there. I hope you have fun decorating 🙂

Spring is in the air!

Sorry I’ve been gone so long, it’s been nearly a year! So much happened and I didn’t have the time to keep up with my blog, but I feel I should start again as I miss it. In April I got a job in Next at Home which keeps me up to date with current home trends and styles and has given me so much inspiration!

With Spring approaching again, the colours in style at the moment are green and orange. They’re so fresh and bright and would look great in any home. You don’t need to re- decorate your whole room, just by buying accessories in these colours can instantly brighten your home.

Spring 2016

 If you want to update your room a bit, adding some bright accessories such as these cute little bird ornaments from Next, or this pretty hummingbird print cushion from Matalan creates a new feel to your home- just make sure to keep similar colours matching, or it’ll look a bit mismatched- well, unless that’s what you’re going for! A rug is always a good idea as you can get some unique ones which will be a focal point in the room and tie everything together. I created a moodboard to show you how these colours work together.

Think bigger

If you have more money to play with, the perfect way to instantly make a difference to your interior is new furniture. If you’re feeling bold and love colour, a green or orange sofa or chair can instantly add a wow factor. Some of you may be thinking a green sofa? but don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be bright lime green. A subtle fern green sofa can really soften the room and create a fresh feeling.

spring green sofa
A fern green sofa adds a cozy touch!

Hope this gave you some fresh new ideas for your home to get ready for spring! It doesn’t have to cost much- accessories really do make a big difference!

Thanks for reading x

How to use colour in your home

People are often afraid to use colour in their home as they fear it may look ‘too much’ or they simply don’t know how or where to use it. Adding pops of colour is what you want to achieve, as colour everywhere would be too much! Colour really makes an interior stand out, adds interest and can be used in so many ways, so keep reading to find out how to add colour into your life.


Painting your walls is the most obvious way to add colour, and with so many choices it’s hard to know which one to use. If you’re nervous about painting all the walls, try painting one which can become a feature wall. This is modern, stylish and looks great!

  • Warm colours (Red/orange/yellow) – If you’re looking for a warm feel, these colours will be best to use. They work best in the living room and bedroom and makes the room feel cozy and inviting.
  • Cool colours (Green/blue/purple) – Cool colours work best in bathrooms and kitchens and gives a contemporary, clean feel. These colours will make the room feel fresh and more open.
  • Neutral colours(beige/brown) – These colours work pretty much everywhere and adds a warm, luxurious feel to your interior.
  • Black and white – these aren’t bright colours, but can be used as an accent colour to create a visual and break the room up a bit.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Soft furnishings

Cushions, throws, curtains etc are a simple way to add colour into your home without going too bold. They add an accent and a point of interest. As above, the colours of these will make a room feel a certain way, so if you want a cozy interior, red will be your best choice, and if you want a classic interior, then brown will be best.

Blossom cushion Colour cushions Pink cushion


Adding simple accessories like coloured vases, bowls, or lamps can add colour to a room too. If you are furnishing with cushions too, match these up for a look that fits well together! This is an example that I created of how to use colour – match up items of the same colour for a uniform design.

Blue colour

Couple colours

You don’t have to just use one colour – adding a colour that works well with the other looks fantastic. Pair red with black, or blue with yellow. Most colours work well together, but here are a few that work best:

  • Red and white
  • Blue and silver
  • White and brown
  • Pink and white
  • Brown and blue
  • Red and brown

White and brown go with pretty much everything, so you can’t go wrong with pairing colours with these!

You could also go for a complimentary colour scheme which is using colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. This will create a fun, contemporary feel and is best used in the living room and kitchen:

  • Red and green
  • Orange and blue
  • Yellow and purple

Still don’t know what choose?

If you are unsure of a colour scheme that you want or don’t know what would look good, find the largest pattern from something else you have; a rug, blanket, cushion etc. and pick the dominant colour. You can then use this as a colour to decorate your home. For example, your rug is blue, brown and white, you can use white as the dominant colour (walls), with blue and brown as the accent colours (curtains, cushions, etc.). This is an effective way of ensuring everything matches in your room and will look really stylish.

I hope that these tips have helped you gather ideas, so have a play around and be confident with colour!

Work in style with these home office design tips

Work can be boring, but your home office doesn’t have to be. For this post I am going to show you some simple ways in which to make your office a room that you’ll want to spend time in.

Let the light in

A bright home office will help with your productivity. If your room is dark then your mood will be lower and you won’t feel like being in there- let alone working. Make sure that you open your curtains or add a window voile and let that light flood in! If the room faces North, then adding desk lights or wall lights will instantly brighten the room making it feel more welcoming.

Get a sleek, comfortable desk chair

Comfort doesn’t have to be boring; there are many stylish designs for your interior. If you are working from home then you need to ensure the chair supports your back well so you don’t end up with any pain. If you don’t want to use a typical desk chair, you could use a desk armchair or a pod chair which are comfy and add some fun, or you can look for chairs with a bold colour which will create a contemporary feel and look great.

It’s the simple things…

Adding bold, colourful curtains to your office will liven up the space and add interest. Also, adding a rug will create a focal point and make the room come together. Have a play with modern patterns and colours which will look stylish and make your office more interesting.

Comfort is key

To make your office feel like part of your home and more comfortable; add a sofa of some cozy armchairs. They look great and you can even relax on your break!

Storage cabinets

Using storage cabinets is a great way to display books, photos and items that are unique to you and look great. They also help to declutter your space for a clean mind. Books, folders and photos help create a professional feel while still feeling personal. Storage cabinets are a fantastic way to display items such as ornaments, speakers, plants, models etc. and will make your office feel homely and more inviting.

Interesting walls

Change those blank walls easily by adding pictures, canvases or photographs to them. You can make a photo collage or simply hang up a few photos- either way this looks great, shows your personality and will make your office more cheerful. You can even use walls to hang notes and store your stationary which is not only practical but looks cool too!

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to make your home office more inviting and fun to be in.

If you enjoyed this post please like, share or leave a comment, I really appreciate the support!

Design ideas for a small bedroom

Designing a room can be challenging, and if the room is small it will be even harder to design. You may feel that if your bedroom is compact then all you can really do is add a bed and a table, but this isn’t true. I have researched and thought up ways in which you can make the most out of your small space and make if feel a lot bigger.


Add a feature wall

Adding a feature wall to the area at the head of the bed will create a focal point making the room feel larger. It also looks stylish and modern. Have a look for sleek wallpapers and bright patterns.

Get clever with storage

Built in wardrobes with sliding doors are your friend if your room is small; they save loads of space and can fit a lot in. Ones with mirrors are even better as they reflect light and make the room look much larger. You can also use storage boxes/baskets and hide them under your bed or use shelving for items if your floor space is limited. If you don’t have much space under your bed, you can either purchase a bed with storage built in, or you can buy risers to lift your bed so that you can fit more underneath it.

Let the light in

Adding as much light as possible will make your room feel bigger and more open. Its simple to do and very effective. You can add lighter curtains which will allow more light in, add some more lights such as floor lamps (if you have the room) or table lamps, or even change your ceiling light so it bounces the light around more.

bright bedroom

Floating tables

Floating tables look great and save floor space. If you have a very small room then a single floating wooden table will work best as it doesn’t take up much space and you can attach it higher on your wall. You could also create a suspended table by attaching some wood to strings and fixing it to your ceiling. This looks unique and saves a lot of room.  If you have a bit more space in your bedroom, then a floating bedside table with drawers will work great. These tables will make the room feel less cluttered and feel more spacious.

Bright colour scheme

If you have a small bedroom then using lighter colours will make your room seem larger. Dark colours will compact the room and make it feel smaller, so use colours such as white, cream, light blues, yellows etc. which will create an airy, open feeling. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean your room has to look boring; accent colours are a great way to liven things up!

 I hope these ideas have helped you think of ways in which to make your room feel larger. So have fun trying these ideas and enjoy your new room!

How to make your bathroom feel more luxurious

 Bathrooms can often be neglected in terms of design as you don’t spend the majority of your time there.  They can be tricky to decorate, and are expensive to re-design, but this doesn’t mean they should be forgotten! You can instantly refresh your bathroom to make it feel loved again without breaking the bank, so I have come up with 8 ways in which you can add some glamour back into your bathroom.

Stylish bathroom

1. Storage jars

Storage jars are an effective way of adding decoration to your bathroom. They allow you to display your items neatly and looks beautiful.
You can display anything you want; soaps and shampoos can be poured into glass bottles with labels on which looks unique and gets rid of those plastic shampoo bottles. Cotton pads, q-tips, etc. can be placed in jars – you can find these around your home, or buy some with pretty designs on. You can also place toothbrushes or makeup brushes into a pretty tumbler or jar too or even use jars just for show and add items such as shells or sand. Have a play around with different items and see which works best!


2. Add a stylish mirror

So many bathrooms use standard mirrors which is fine, but doesn’t add a point of interest. Look for mirrors with bold frames or stylish designs which will create a focal point.


 3. Add accessories

Adding items to your bathroom such as candles, potpourri, vases etc. create a more ‘homely’ feel. They add character to the room and also uses up empty space making the room feel more ‘finished’.


4. A place to hang your towels

Having somewhere to hang your towel is a must as your bathroom can look messy if you don’t have anywhere to hang your towel. Depending on your budget, you can buy a simple sleek hook or towel rail, or a larger heated towel rail. Either way, this will update your bathroom and make it look more polished and stylish.


5. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display and store your items. You can choose to have a simple design or more unique shapes. Whichever you choose will look great and will give your bathroom a modern touch.


 6. Glass lighting

Why should your bathroom light be plain and boring? Use a hanging glass light to brighten your bathroom and your mood! Glass lights work well in the bathroom as they don’t get damaged with water or condensation. Hanging lights feel like a part of the furniture and look great too. Choose a small or large light depending on the size of your bathroom and see how much it changes the room.


7. Add an orchid

This is super simple, cheap and looks lovely. An orchid looks pretty and doesn’t take up much space. You can put it on your windowsill or a counter top for instant elegance. Remember to take care of it and it’ll last years.

8. Paint it!

Adding a new colour to your walls is sometimes just what your bathroom needs. You could choose calming blues, modern browns or stick with simple white! The choice is yours. It will make your bathroom feel like new and bring it up to date if it hasn’t been done in a while.

I hoped this helped you to love your bathroom again. It really shows how just one small thing can make a big difference, so let me know in the comments below which you like best and which you decide to use!

Thanks for reading x