Design ideas for a small bedroom

Designing a room can be challenging, and if the room is small it will be even harder to design. You may feel that if your bedroom is compact then all you can really do is add a bed and a table, but this isn’t true. I have researched and thought up ways in which you can make the most out of your small space and make if feel a lot bigger.


Add a feature wall

Adding a feature wall to the area at the head of the bed will create a focal point making the room feel larger. It also looks stylish and modern. Have a look for sleek wallpapers and bright patterns.

Get clever with storage

Built in wardrobes with sliding doors are your friend if your room is small; they save loads of space and can fit a lot in. Ones with mirrors are even better as they reflect light and make the room look much larger. You can also use storage boxes/baskets and hide them under your bed or use shelving for items if your floor space is limited. If you don’t have much space under your bed, you can either purchase a bed with storage built in, or you can buy risers to lift your bed so that you can fit more underneath it.

Let the light in

Adding as much light as possible will make your room feel bigger and more open. Its simple to do and very effective. You can add lighter curtains which will allow more light in, add some more lights such as floor lamps (if you have the room) or table lamps, or even change your ceiling light so it bounces the light around more.

bright bedroom

Floating tables

Floating tables look great and save floor space. If you have a very small room then a single floating wooden table will work best as it doesn’t take up much space and you can attach it higher on your wall. You could also create a suspended table by attaching some wood to strings and fixing it to your ceiling. This looks unique and saves a lot of room.  If you have a bit more space in your bedroom, then a floating bedside table with drawers will work great. These tables will make the room feel less cluttered and feel more spacious.

Bright colour scheme

If you have a small bedroom then using lighter colours will make your room seem larger. Dark colours will compact the room and make it feel smaller, so use colours such as white, cream, light blues, yellows etc. which will create an airy, open feeling. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean your room has to look boring; accent colours are a great way to liven things up!

 I hope these ideas have helped you think of ways in which to make your room feel larger. So have fun trying these ideas and enjoy your new room!


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