Work in style with these home office design tips

Work can be boring, but your home office doesn’t have to be. For this post I am going to show you some simple ways in which to make your office a room that you’ll want to spend time in.

Let the light in

A bright home office will help with your productivity. If your room is dark then your mood will be lower and you won’t feel like being in there- let alone working. Make sure that you open your curtains or add a window voile and let that light flood in! If the room faces North, then adding desk lights or wall lights will instantly brighten the room making it feel more welcoming.

Get a sleek, comfortable desk chair

Comfort doesn’t have to be boring; there are many stylish designs for your interior. If you are working from home then you need to ensure the chair supports your back well so you don’t end up with any pain. If you don’t want to use a typical desk chair, you could use a desk armchair or a pod chair which are comfy and add some fun, or you can look for chairs with a bold colour which will create a contemporary feel and look great.

It’s the simple things…

Adding bold, colourful curtains to your office will liven up the space and add interest. Also, adding a rug will create a focal point and make the room come together. Have a play with modern patterns and colours which will look stylish and make your office more interesting.

Comfort is key

To make your office feel like part of your home and more comfortable; add a sofa of some cozy armchairs. They look great and you can even relax on your break!

Storage cabinets

Using storage cabinets is a great way to display books, photos and items that are unique to you and look great. They also help to declutter your space for a clean mind. Books, folders and photos help create a professional feel while still feeling personal. Storage cabinets are a fantastic way to display items such as ornaments, speakers, plants, models etc. and will make your office feel homely and more inviting.

Interesting walls

Change those blank walls easily by adding pictures, canvases or photographs to them. You can make a photo collage or simply hang up a few photos- either way this looks great, shows your personality and will make your office more cheerful. You can even use walls to hang notes and store your stationary which is not only practical but looks cool too!

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to make your home office more inviting and fun to be in.

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