How to use colour in your home

People are often afraid to use colour in their home as they fear it may look ‘too much’ or they simply don’t know how or where to use it. Adding pops of colour is what you want to achieve, as colour everywhere would be too much! Colour really makes an interior stand out, adds interest and can be used in so many ways, so keep reading to find out how to add colour into your life.


Painting your walls is the most obvious way to add colour, and with so many choices it’s hard to know which one to use. If you’re nervous about painting all the walls, try painting one which can become a feature wall. This is modern, stylish and looks great!

  • Warm colours (Red/orange/yellow) – If you’re looking for a warm feel, these colours will be best to use. They work best in the living room and bedroom and makes the room feel cozy and inviting.
  • Cool colours (Green/blue/purple) – Cool colours work best in bathrooms and kitchens and gives a contemporary, clean feel. These colours will make the room feel fresh and more open.
  • Neutral colours(beige/brown) – These colours work pretty much everywhere and adds a warm, luxurious feel to your interior.
  • Black and white – these aren’t bright colours, but can be used as an accent colour to create a visual and break the room up a bit.

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Soft furnishings

Cushions, throws, curtains etc are a simple way to add colour into your home without going too bold. They add an accent and a point of interest. As above, the colours of these will make a room feel a certain way, so if you want a cozy interior, red will be your best choice, and if you want a classic interior, then brown will be best.

Blossom cushion Colour cushions Pink cushion


Adding simple accessories like coloured vases, bowls, or lamps can add colour to a room too. If you are furnishing with cushions too, match these up for a look that fits well together! This is an example that I created of how to use colour – match up items of the same colour for a uniform design.

Blue colour

Couple colours

You don’t have to just use one colour – adding a colour that works well with the other looks fantastic. Pair red with black, or blue with yellow. Most colours work well together, but here are a few that work best:

  • Red and white
  • Blue and silver
  • White and brown
  • Pink and white
  • Brown and blue
  • Red and brown

White and brown go with pretty much everything, so you can’t go wrong with pairing colours with these!

You could also go for a complimentary colour scheme which is using colours that are opposite on the colour wheel. This will create a fun, contemporary feel and is best used in the living room and kitchen:

  • Red and green
  • Orange and blue
  • Yellow and purple

Still don’t know what choose?

If you are unsure of a colour scheme that you want or don’t know what would look good, find the largest pattern from something else you have; a rug, blanket, cushion etc. and pick the dominant colour. You can then use this as a colour to decorate your home. For example, your rug is blue, brown and white, you can use white as the dominant colour (walls), with blue and brown as the accent colours (curtains, cushions, etc.). This is an effective way of ensuring everything matches in your room and will look really stylish.

I hope that these tips have helped you gather ideas, so have a play around and be confident with colour!


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