You’re making me blush!

This is one of my favourite posts to write about because this is my favourite colour; the soft, subtle beauty of rose quartz (blush pink)! It’s literally everywhere at the moment, especially in fashion and I’m not surprised – it’s so beautiful!
The rose quartz gemstone is known as the stone of love, and is thought to have properties of harmony, peace and healing. I find that this colour definitely creates peace and tranquillity to an interior, and is such a pretty colour which is why I’m not surprised that it is one of Pantone’s top colours of the year. It is such a perfect shade because it fits with everything, plus its calm and relaxing. Here are some tips on how to use this alluring colour.

Shades of grey

The use of grey and silver works so well with this colour that they look like they were designed together. The grey really enables the softness of the pink to stand out; creating a calm, muted feel which works perfectly for a bedroom or living area. These pictures below really illustrate how well these colours work together. Using the pink as more of an accent colour is preferred, with shades of grey being the main colour. (I will talk about this a bit later on!) Using larger items of grey enables the design of the room to really focus on the accent of the pink as shown below:

See how it really pops?! Also, by using white or cream in the design really helps soften the look and goes perfectly with grey and pink, however I feel that the grey will appeal to males more; I know a few men don’t really like the colour pink, so this really helps if you’re trying to keep the design fair; say you just bought your first place together as it really tones the pink down- unless you don’t really mind it!


Metallics are a really good way to make your interior feel more contemporary, giving it a bit of an edge. The perfect colour to use is rose gold or copper; the tones in these colours will fit perfectly with the tones in the pinks. The metal really adds contrast to the softness of the rest of the interior, which is why it works so well. Again, go with pops of metal as too much wouldn’t work well. These images below show how to use them in your room. The best way to do this is lights, a side table or some metallic accessories like vases or ornaments!

All about the accent

Rose quartz works perfectly as an accent colour, especially when surrounded with darker colours such as grey or purple, this is because it really helps the pink stand out. The perfect ideas for accents are items such as cushions, rugs, curtains, candles etc. if you’re feeling bold; a feature wall in either plain pink paint or patterned wallpaper will look amazing. Try not to go too over the top, or the harmony of the room won’t work as well as it’ll feel too similar; having the opposite effect of serenity and tranquillity! If you’re not too keen on grey, don’t worry; light browns and creams work just as well- it’s entirely your preference. You could even add tiny hints of black to bring it really up to date.


Soft and fluffy!

Natural tones and textures such as fluffy rugs and cushions really tie the look together and create that soft, serene feeling. Texture really adds interest to a space, so think about adding some cushions like these stunning rose cushions, or a fluffy rug to your floor! The natural tones will really help compliment the rose quartz tones and wont overpower it, making the whole look feel really soft.



I really hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope it gave you new ideas for decorating. Have a play around-if you’re apprehensive you could always start small with candles and cushions and see how you like it and go from there. I hope you have fun decorating 🙂


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