Shaping your mood this season

Geometric prints are popular everywhere at the moment; with so many unique shapes such as zigzags and grids, they add interest to your home and look really striking. Mix it up with colour, or stick to monochrome tones depending on your style.

Geo prints add fun to a space and liven it up. Add a colourful wallpaper and bold bedset to a bedroom to instantly bring it to life, or add some jazzy cushions and a graphic rug to your living room. The great thing about geometric shapes is that they’re everywhere – even in nature and probably won’t ever go out of style!


Black and white patterns

Monotone shades are really stylish at the moment; in fashion and in the home. The simplicity of black and white means more focus can be made on the shapes and patterns, so you can get really creative!

I’ve created a moodboard to show how well these colours work together and how different shapes can add interest. The simplicity of the lines is really stunning and creates the feeling of openness.

bandw geo
Lines and angles create a contemporary feel

Coloured patterns

With colour, a mix of different shapes and sizes can look busy, so I’d recommend adding pops of colour to plain items; such as graphic cushions on a plain sofa or bold wall- art on a white wall which will really bring the room to life. Remember to stick with certain shapes as a mix of too many may overwhelm a room.

Below I’ve created a moodboard to show different colours and the ways you can mix and match. Choose one of the colours from your main focal point and use this in the accessories around the room, for example, the light blue of your wallpaper, and use this in the cushions and the rug to bring everything together.

colour geo
Stick with similar shapes and colours to make sure your space doesn’t look too busy

Pastel tones and muted hues work perfectly for adding colour as you can get away with mixing more shades. Bright, bold colours can look too 60’s and 70’s if you use too many so you need to be careful (unless that’s what you’re going for!) Best way to see if it’ll work is to make a mood board and have a play with different textures, colours and designs.
I really like this trend and no matter if you have a retro or contemporary style, you can find ways to incorporate geometric designs.


Is geo your thing? Are you excited to see this trend is back? Let me know your thoughts 🙂 Happy decorating x


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