Summer Escape

With summer just around the corner, this season’s trends are all about sunny, exotic places and tranquil beach getaways. Ranging from tropical animal prints to calm deep blue colours you really can feel like you’re on holiday in your own home!

Tropical Paradise

Tropical moodboard.jpg

Above is a moodboard that I have created to show how these bold prints and colours work together. To avoid your rooms looking too overwhelming in this style; here is a guide on how to make it work:

  • Colour

    This style is all about bold, bright colours, so sticking to tones found in nature will really help ensure everything works together; so think browns, greens and reds. Add a bold sofa for a dramatic effect such as this velvet teal green Grande 4 seater from John Lewis, or if you’re feeling safe, a bean bag such as this printed one from Next will instantly jazz up your interior (as shown on moodboard).

  • Pattern

    Pattern is another huge feature of this style; with natural forms such as palm leaves and hexagonal shapes. This is the style where mixing many different patterns works great, however don’t have patterns on everything or it’ll look mismatched and wont work together- so if you have a patterned rug and patterned wallpaper, go for a solid coloured sofa.

interior pattern
Lots of patterns? Stick with solid coloured furniture to avoid being overwhelmed
  • Accessories

    You can have fun with the accessories you choose for this style as it’s so unique, you can just go crazy! Take a look at this fun pineapple lamp from Next, this tropical cushion from AliExpress and this Macaw wall decor from Wayfair. These bold accessories will add interest and instantly brighten a space.

Have a play around with different patterns and colours and instantly revitalise your home.

Tranquil Beach

Beach moodboard

Here is another moodboard I have created to show this second style. The dark blues and natural tones are soothing and relaxing. This style is easy to achieve and a safe option if you’re afraid to use bold colours. This is how you can achieve this look:


Lighter wood such as pine and beech are the key for this style and contrast the deep blue colours beautifully. The colour of these woods match driftwood which is why it really adds that ‘beach feel’. Wicker furniture works great too as it adds that natural element, so have a play around!



Coordinating accessories in this style is very important. Keeping similar tones will ensure everything flows well. You can use natural elements such as shells or driftwood to add flair, or you can find nature inspired accessories like this pebble lamp from Next or this rope inspired cushion from Wayfair.


Finally, to keep a relaxed and calming feel, try not to have too much on display as its quite a minimalist style which focuses on form. Also, using lots of different textures will add interest and flow with the natural theme.
Whatever style you choose will brighten your home and bring the sun to you!

I hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you think of these current trends! Happy reading x



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